There are still people who think that business digitization is only about digitizing company documents from physical format to digital format, but what they don’t know is that that’s just a small part of what business digitization really is.

A concept that we will discuss to some extent to help you have an efficient company hand in hand with digitization.

How to become an efficient company? Digitization


From physical to digital


Here we refer to document scanning, which is transforming physical documents into digital ones to later manage and classify them quickly and efficiently.

The usefulness of this process is to incorporate such transformed-into-digital documentation into our workflow and connect it more easily to the company’s automated processes.

Digitize your business


This concept includes the previous one, but as we said, it means only a small part of it.

The digitization of a company consists of transforming and enabling the operations carried out by a company, as well as its functions in its different areas.

It also includes digital communication with employees, customers and suppliers, among others.

Business digitization examples


  •   Communication tools: Shared programs to make video calls, chats, internal social networks, remote management systems, as is the case of Ehorus, cloud-based (SaaS), etc.
  •   A shared cloud where information is stored and to which all employees of the company have access if they have to resort to such documentation.
  •   Management software: To organize inventory, storage, online sales, customer portfolio etc.
  •   Common platforms where to edit, download, modify and send documentation among company workers and even customers.
  •   Features devoted to collecting information such as, for example, from customers, and reporting in minutes in order to offer custom goods and services.
  •   Invest in a period of training for employees in business digitization, so that they learn to use the tools and use them effectively and efficiently.


Also, stay open to their suggestions, as well as those of suppliers and business partners.

Why invest in digitization


There are several steps to follow when digitizing your company, what you most need is to echo the needs of your business in order to carry it out.

But do we really know its benefits and advantages?

  •   Failure reduction: By having everything much more at hand and at a glance it is less likely to slip away from the workflow and make mistakes. In addition, all the staff has access to the same information to perform the task.
  •   Time and cost reduction: Getting everything from the same cloud makes going to the office unnecessary when accessing documentation, as well as for sending and receiving answers, and making decisions, so you can tackle internal issues faster. In addition, by having everything digitized you save resources and reduce management costs.
  •   Improve management and security: Good password and access management among employees will dramatically improve information security. Digitization also improves transparency with investors and suppliers.
  •   Better customer relationship: By digitizing your company you gain in speed and efficiency, which is why they are able to manage sales and communication with customers faster and better. In addition, thanks to the database, you will be able to offer a much more personalized attention, which will make customers feel happier.
  •   Response capacity: Digitization also allows you to adapt to workflows quickly and change them if necessary according to the needs of the workflow. This is a great competitive capacity since digitized companies have greater capacity to respond to new situations or changes in the environment.


It is important that during the digitization process, it is done gradually and everyone is willing to participate. Letting your employees know about its benefits and the improvements it brings will keep them open to new and improved changes.

Consulting experts will make the process much easier, faster and adapt to the needs of your company, making you aware of the so-called “digital maturity” of your company.

You will also avoid unforeseen events and the deletion of errors during the scanning process.

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