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How to download eHorus

To connect to a PC and control it from the Internet you need an eHorus user account and a small application known as an ‘agent’ installed on the computer you wish to remotely control. You’ll be asked for an eHorus user ID and, once it’s installed, it will execute automatically and register the ID so the user can operate the computer while it’s online.


Agent 32bit 64bit
Windows windows agent windows agent
Stand-alone Windows agent windows agent windows agent
Debian/Ubuntu Linux agent ubuntu agent ubuntu agent
Linux Generic linux agent linux agent
Redhat/CentOS redhat/centOS agent redhat/centOS agent
MAC redhat/centOS agent redhat/centOS agent
Raspberry agent raspberry agent

Windows agent support from XP SP3 to latests Windows. It may require to have .NET 4.0 Framework installed to run.

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