Improve PC performance; 7 ideas to help you achieve this

Nowadays, we use our computers for everything; for work, for information, for relationships, to roast ribs, to watch videos of that little dancing parrot…

And of course, we run them so hard that sometimes they don’t work as well as we would like them to.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s likely that you’ve turned to a search engine and are currently looking for the best way to improve your computer’s performance. And you may even be doing it on the very computer that you would like to run a little better.

First of all…. treat it with great affection! It’s not its fault that it cannot do things as effectively as you would like. And you can also take a look at these ideas, which may help you.

7 tips to improve pc performance

– Delete any unused content

Programs, videos, files in general…. Sometimes we store on our computer’s hard drive a large amount of content that we don’t need at all and that can cause a decrease in its performance, for several reasons.

For example, too much content on your hard disk may slow down your computer’s power-up, or it may prevent you from installing programs that are useful to you, or updates to software that you do use.

So think about it: Do you really need to store all the videos from your last holiday in California on the hard drive of your work computer?

– Watch out for the heat!

The heat is great if you want to go to the pool or have some ice cream, but it’s not good for your computer.

Overheating can damage the components of your computer and make it work worse, so you’ll need to be careful with high environmental temperatures, but that’s not all. Also, some problems, such as malfunctioning internal fans, can lead to the computer not cooling down properly and making it look like a roasting pan.

For this type of situation there are multiple solutions, depending on the source of the problem; you can avoid using the computer in excessively hot environments (for example, it is not recommended to use it under the sun on hot days), you can take it to a professional to check if it is clean inside and if the cooling works properly, or you can buy some of the cooling plates that are sold to cool it down a little. In any case, remember: for frying pork chops, a frying pan is better!

– Remove bad bugs

Viruses, Trojans, spyware… If you have any kind of malware on your computer you can be sure it won’t be any good.

These malicious programs can cause many inconveniences (including some serious ones, such as unauthorized access to sensitive information), including making your computer’s performance worse. So take the necessary measures, have a good firewall and good antivirus, and eliminate all those annoying and dangerous programs.

– Upgrade your operating system and software (another way to improve PC performance)

Do you think that ”update” is such a big deal? Well, it may sometimes be, but it usually makes sense.

Updates are often made for a reason and are intended to improve the performance and tools available to the software. And, in some cases, they may even be critical. For example, operating system updates can be used to fix vulnerabilities.

– Bring your RAM to life

It’s an essential component of your computer, and even more in terms of performance. RAM memory is critical to achieving proper program execution speed, so you’re likely to suffer if it doesn’t work properly or if you’re requiring it to run software that exceeds its capabilities.

That’s right: if your software runs too slowly it may be because of insufficient RAM, so consider expanding its capacity.

– Sort out that desk a little bit

Did you see how you have everything? On your desktop you can mix shortcuts to work software with videos from your grandma who is a pole vaulter. You’ve got a whole screen full of icons and no one can find anything.

A chaotic, icon-plagued desktop will not only cause your computer to take longer to boot, it will also cause you to lower your performance yourself, as it will take longer to execute your tasks, as you will be searching through such a sea of little symbols.

Don’t know how to organize it better? It doesn’t matter, we’ve already written this article in which we talked about it.

– Check out the programs that are running (a great way to improve PC performance)

Running several programs at the same time will be one of the reasons why your computer can’t handle its soul – don’t you have a lot of software running at the same time? Maybe so, maybe not; are you checking the programs that run in the background?

Most often, computers have programs installed that start when you turn on your computer and run the operating system, and run “in the background” (i.e., without you noticing it), consuming your computer’s resources.

Depending on the operating system you use, you may be able to see which programs are running on your computer in one way or another. Do some research and take a look. You may be able to stop running some programs that you don’t need to use right away to get your computer’s performance to improve.

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