Internet dictionary for entrepreneurs; 7 key facts

Are you a real entrepreneur? and do you think the most advanced technology you use in your company is a 4-color pen that your youngest son gave you? well, good luck mate!

Nowadays it is very difficult, or almost impossible, to be a good entrepreneur without having basic technological knowledge, especially when it comes to the Internet.

We know that you are able to connect to the Internet, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, but what else do you know? Don’t worry, this article is not a test for you to pass, but a little help in the form of a very brief Internet dictionary for entrepreneurs. Let’s crack on!

– Hosting

Do you want your company to have a website? Then you must have some service that allows you to store all the content of the page and make it available to visitors, as if it were a physical store, but on the Internet.

A similar thing is a hosting. The content that makes up your web page (photos, files, text, etc.) has to be stored somewhere, and will normally be on the servers of some company that provides a web hosting service. It will usually be a paid service, but you can also find it available for free. Find the right one for your needs: the success of your website may depend on it!

– CMS (Content Management System)

These are programs (usually online) that allow you to manage the content of a website. Since programming from scratch can be too tedious – and it requires the work of professionals – CRM makes things easier, allowing you to build and manage your website in a simpler way. The best one is WordPress, although there are other options, such as Magento or Prestahop.

– Web usability

It is a term which is both simple and important when it comes to measuring the performance of a website. This refers to the level of difficulty or ease when using a website.

Does your website take a long time to load, uses an unreadable font and there is no way to find what you are looking for? Then its usability is very low. And don’t even think about having flashing rotating images as wallpaper. In that case, you’ d better say goodbye to your visitors….

Obviously, the answer is the opposite: to create an attractive, easy-to-use and very practical website.

– User Experience

It is not only a matter of getting the browsers to visit your website, but also about making sure that their experience as consumers is satisfactory.

The user experience is a complex concept that covers multiple aspects, including web usability, the ability to find the products you are looking for and the variety of payment methods. After all, it’s all about ensuring that the user is satisfied with their online experience with our business. This is undoubtedly important for the future of our company.


This is one of the most popular terms, but also one of the most blurred and changing techniques.

“SEO” refers to “Search Engine Optimization”, and refers to a series of practices aimed at making the content of a web site occupy the highest possible results in the main search engines.

It’ s different for your business to appear as the first Google search result than for it to appear in the 237th position. Many people are even working professionally to improve the SEO of websites, so imagine the importance of appearing higher or lower.

– Visitors and page views

It will be one of your first hobbies if you have a website for your business. Visitors are those people who enter your website and their number is one of the main parameters (but not the only one) that will determine the level of success of your website. The concept of page views is similar, but not identical. When we talk about the number of pages viewed we will talk about the number of times that one of the pages that make up your website is loaded by one of its visitors. That is, when a person visits your website it will mean a visit, and for each place within your website where they click and the new content is loaded (as long as it is internal and not from another website) a new page will be counted. Thus, a single visitor can generate dozens, or even hundreds, of page views if he or she is interested in what you have to offer. As well as the number of visits used to measure the number of visitors to the website, the number of pages viewed gives us a measure of the interest it attracts among visitors.

– Cloud computing (When it comes to our Internet dictionary)

It has been very fashionable in recent years and refers to the famous “cloud”. These are the services or applications that can be accessed if you have an Internet connection, without having to install them on the computer you are using.

We all use them every day. If you have email, or social networks, you’ll be accessing content that you store “in the cloud” and that is available to you via the Internet.

And now that you’ve seen this very short Internet dictionary for entrepreneurs, what if you’ re familiar with a new term closely related to business and technology? This is the “Remote Control System”.

Remote control systems are a type of software that allows actions such as controlling one computer from another, remotely. They can be used for many things, and eHorus is one of them.

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