Internet facts that you need to know. Discover 12 interesting facts

Oh well, the Internet, that amazing tool, we couldn’t live without it right? We know you would go crazy if you didn’t have internet in your life but, did you know that a few thousand years ago, people lived happily without the internet?

For real! Human beings lived on the planet surrounded by mammoths and similar beasts, without Instagram or YouTube. How did they survive? They probably struggled.

Currently, it is estimated that there are more than 3,500 million Internet users in the world. The country with the largest number is China (of course!), with more than 740 million users. In many countries around the world, the number of people who use the Internet frequently exceeds 90% of its population.

We are sure, dear reader, that you love the internet (just like everyone else) and that is why you might be interested in getting to know some internet facts that not many people actually know (unless you are an internet nerd). Let’s have a look at them!

Internet has its origin in the Department of Defense of the United States

And specifically in the ARPA agency(now DARPA), which in the 60s began to connect computers through a telephone modem. The network called ARPAnet and created for sharing information, communicated governmental and academic institutions during the 70s.

The first email in History

It was sent in 1971 by Raymond Tomlinson, who also introduced the use of the @ symbol. The words of the first message are unknown, because Tomlinson claims that he is not able to remember it, but apparently it was a meaningless message, like “1234”. Today, we continue to use both e-mail and @, which has been a symbol of the Internet for decades.

The Queen Elizabeth II sent an email in 1976

The content is unknown, although her user name was HME2 (“Her Majesty, Elizabeth II”). So as you can see, the queen was up to date…

The first registered web domain

We are talking about, registered on March 15, 1985 by Symbolics Inc., of Massachusetts. During the next two years, just another 100 domains were registered, although these were some industry giants, such as IBM or Apple.

World Wide Web was created in 1990

Its author was the already legendary Tim Berners-Lee, within the scope of the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN). He probably could not even imagine what would happen next. This happened not so long ago, and it seems like we are talking about thousand years ago.

The first-ever website can still be visited

Here is the link
Created by Berners-Lee himself, it was put online on December 20, 1990. It’s more or less like seeing a fossil of an old dinosaur, what do you think? It looks quite old

The first picture on the Internet

It didn’t happen until 1992. This is a photograph of the amateur group “Les Horribles Cernettes -whose initials coincide with those of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider)-, of the CERN, and which called itself “the only and exclusive high-energy rock band “. It was also put up online by Tim Berners-Lee.

Yahoo or Google were not the first search engines

Yeah , that is quite unexpected. This honour belongs to Wandex, created in 1993 by Matthew Gray of MIT.

The second one, and the oldest one that currently remains in operation is Aliweb. You can keep doing digital archaeology, here:

Both search engines worked through an index system. The first word search, more similar to the current ones, was Webcrawler, created by Brian Pinkerton in 1994 (then his search engine was sold to America On Line afterwards).

Another great one of these internet facts is The first image that was transmitted by a webcam

It was about a coffee machine that was in the University of Cambridge, in 1993. Probably the person interested was someone who wanted to control who was finishing off the coffee every morning …

Where is the Internet? This is another great one of these internet facts

Just like that famous song, the internet is … “at the bottom of the sea”. Indeed, a large part of the traffic generated by the network is communicated through submarine cables, located hundreds, and even thousands of meters deep, and which have length of one million kilometres.

What is the content and weight of the Internet?

In 2015, according to Eric Schmidt, President of Google, there were about 5 million terabytes of data in the network (approximately the equivalent of 5 billion books). Currently, the amount is significantly higher and continues to increase at high speed every day.

But wait, in 2007, the weight of the data contained on the Internet was estimated (the data, after all, occupy a physical space and, therefore, have weight). In that year, it reached around 60 grams (more or less the weight of a cherry). At present, this would be bigger, but it wouldn’t probably reach the weight of a watermelon…

What happens on the internet in a minute?

As you can imagine it, many things. According to Cumulus Media, in the brief lapse of time of one minute and during the year 2017, the following events occurred on the Internet:

  • 156 million emails were sent.
  • 4.1 million hours of video on YouTube are played.
  • 1.8 million “snaps” were created on Snapchat.
  • 3,500,000 searches were conducted on Google.
  • There were 990,000 “swipes” in Tinder.
  • 900,000 people were connected to Facebook.
  • $ 751,000 was spent online.
  • 452,000 tweets were sent.
  • 46,200 photos were uploaded to Instagram.

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