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job trends that we will see in the coming years, keep reading!

Times change, but so does the way of working.

Nowadays, the way of working has little or nothing to do with the way our ancestors used to do it. The methods when carrying out the same job have changed, the way we find work now, the working conditions, schedules … Basically, all the aspects that have something to do with work have been transformed during the last decades, and they will continue to do so overtime.

For the next few years, new job trends will be created and these will turn work into something different from what we know. Do you want to discover some of these new job trends?

– Automation

This is the big thing when taking about the future of jobs. A lot has been said about it, and we have only seen a little bit of it. The improvement of robotic systems increases and artificial intelligence is applied to more and more areas, the transformation of the labour market will be increasing, which will keep the trend that was already started by the computerization of the economy and the digital transformation of companies. This will generate changes at all levels, faster, in a way that even nowadays is difficult to imagine.

– Jobs will disappear but new jobs will be created

As a result of the automation and digitalization of the economy, dozens of jobs will disappear and others that do not yet exist will emerge out of the blue. Not only that, but even some new types of jobs will appear but will vanish in a few years. Therefore, qualities such as flexibility or a good attitude will be especially valued, while the worker must be aware of the importance of continuous training and constant acquisition of new knowledge.

– Great knowledge will be well-paid

As we mentioned earlier, and because of the constant changes in the labour market, knowledge will become a quality especially valued, in a very different way from the past, which will cause the creation of new professional profiles.

Knowledge workers are people trained to share their experience and professional wisdom to any company that may require their services. They know the technology and use it. They have great mobility and go where they are needed. They solve specific problems, thanks to their experience in project participation. You probably already know one or you might even be one of them. This will be quite popular in the near future.

– Lifelong jobs will be a thing from the past

We have seen it in many movies, or our parents or grandparents told us about it. We all know that someone who used to work in a company from a young age and ended up retiring in that same company.

But this type of things are already part of the past. In our current labour market where everything is always changing, the traditional “lifelong jobs” will be a thing from the past and changing jobs, not only between companies, but also between different cities or places, will be quite common, but also being “freelance” will be quite popular as well as having a “personal brand”.

– Emotional Salary

This is already quite common, but it will be even more popular in the future. The future employees – and especially the millennial generation – will demand something else from their jobs apart from having a good salary. Conditions such as a nice workplace, having a great family and personal life balance or a job with a great positive impact on society will be especially valued by new generations.

– Work flexibility

This is quite common but again this will be even more common in the future. This is part of the emotional salary and thanks to technology, more companies offer different options for great work flexibility.

Jobs based on projects, time flexibility, teleworking … These are options that prioritize good work over presenteeism and strict work schedules. Studies show that these increase both the productivity and the happiness of the employees.

In addition to this, the possibilities for remote working will increase for new professional profiles, such as digital nomads, so they will not have a fixed workplace, and they will be able to carry out their tasks anywhere, as long as there is Internet access.

– Gamification at work

Both for personnel selection processes, sometimes, with tests that are very similar to games-, as well as for the work itself, gamification at work will be quite common in the future.

The term ‘gamification’ means having fun while working, but also carrying out a serious and professional job. Many companies have already managed to introduce gamification in some areas of their work style, and nowadays this trend is becoming even more popular. In the near future, gamification will continue to grow.

– New jobs

The transformation in the labour market will also bring paradoxical situations. While some jobs will disappear or will be reduced, for other jobs (for example, those related to computer science and engineering) qualified personnel will be difficult to find for companies. Therefore, as we already mentioned earlier, continuous training and new knowledge and skills will be very relevant and valued.

These are 8 job trends for the next few years, but it is very likely that the working conditions of employees will also change in different ways in the future. What do you think of this? What’s on your mind? Do you know more job trends? You can share your opinion with all the readers of this blog in the comment section that is right below, at the end of this article.

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