Jobs for millennials ; A new generation of people

I’m sure you’ve heard of them, and you’re probably even part of this collective.
“Millennials” is the name given to the generation of people who were born between 1980 and 1999, and who therefore reached adulthood after the beginning of this century.

The world changes rapidly, so do people (or rather it is people who change the world…). The millennial generation is different from previous generations; they have different interests and different concerns. They see life differently and have goals of their own that are not necessarily the same as those of their parents or grandparents. They were born in a digital environment and are used to using technology, so they cannot imagine the world without it.

Travellers, sceptics, well-trained, with little interest in employment…. they have been described in many ways apart from millennials, more or less correctly and probably, on many occasions, unfairly, since, at the end of the day, each person is different and generalizations are nothing more than a way of simplifying things.

Nevertheless, and with the aim of better understanding the motivations of the people who are part of that generation, we can try to find some common lines in the preferences of the millennials. In this article we are going to look specifically at some issues that are important to this generation when it comes to choosing a job.

Jobs for Millennials: What does this generation of people look for in a job?

To answer this question, it makes sense to look at some of the surveys conducted in recent years that examined this and other issues.

In 2016, the results of a Deloitte survey were made public, in which 7,700 young millennials from 29 countries were interviewed and asked, among other things, what were the main reasons for their decision to work in one or other company. The 5 most common reasons given by the interviewees (excluding salary) were, in this order of importance:

  1. Work-life balance.
  2. Opportunities to progress and to be leaders.
  3. Flexibility at work.
  4. To find a meaning in the work.
  5. Professional development programs.

The results of the survey were very revealing, and confirmed what was already suspected about the millennials’ relationship to work. The millennial wants to work in order to live and they do not want to live to work.

But it is not the only survey that gives us interesting information about how this generation wants to work. It was also very interesting the publication by the World Economic Forum in 2017 of interviews with more than 31,000 millennials in 186 countries. They answered, among many other questions, about some of the factors they considered important when deciding to work in a company. The following are, also in order of importance, those that they considered most relevant:

  1. Salary or financial compensation.
  2. Impact on society.
  3. Career project.
  4. Work-life balance.
  5. Flexibility and autonomy.

From these surveys, we could draw some conclusions that would differentiate the millennial generation from previous generations. While pay remains an essential factor – we still need money to survive, in the end – issues such as work-life balance, flexibility at work, career advancement options or the impact of work done in society are also revealed as factors that matter to millennials when it comes to choosing a job.

While some of these factors would be common to those of previous generations, others reveal important differences that should be taken into account. Millennials not only aspire to have a job that allows them to progress in their career and have a good economic level, but they also want their work to have a positive impact on the world, and to have a good quality of life, without giving up their free time or a flexibility that makes work more pleasant. It is a real aspiration for millennials which would have been utopian for previous generations.

Now imagine – maybe you don’t have to make a big effort because you are in this situation at the moment – that you want to hire millennials for your company and you want to make your job offer more attractive. How can you achieve this?

Are you able to get a millennial to find in your company the necessary incentives to choose to work with you and do you offer attractive working conditions for the best talent to be tempted by what you are offering?

Do you offer flexibility in working hours or in the workplace, does your company’s activity improve the society in which we live, and can your employees progress in their careers?

As Bob Dylan said in the now distant year 1963, times are changing. And if times changed in 1963, today they are much faster. When choosing a job, the millennial generation takes into account aspects different from those that were given priority only a few years ago.

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