Mac or Windows, have you already decided which one is the best for you?


In a world where every single thing is related to technology, there are to kinds of people: those who use Windows, and those who use Mac. The two sides fight their battles and quearrels. They accuse and point at each other with every new update. They make up jokes and memes about the other faction if, for some reason, the other one is “behind” with their technology. The worst nightmare of both “blocs”.

Mac and Windows may only be united by their old rivalry with Linux, but this is now water under the bridge. Now, in the fight for the best operating system there are only two opponents, both of them world famous, with a past and, of course, with perspective. Tell me, Mac or Windows? Have you chosen the right side?    

From here we will try to elucidate which one can suit you or towards which one the prevailing technological balance really leans.

Mac or Windows?


When you innocently decide to buy your first computer, the dilemma attacks you at an early stage. From the shop assistant to your friend, the computer scientist, everyone asks you which operating system you are going to choose, and not having a clue these days doesn’t leave you in a good place.

Before you get confused and bewildered in the face of these harassing questions, as in everything else, you just have to fall back on your priorities and count the money you have in your pocket.

The first of the N differences you’ll find between Mac and Windows is already important enough. That fight will set you up against another of the great battles for technology. If you thought you had enough having to choose between Mac or Windows, you should know you’ll also have to deal with computer manufacturers.

Microsoft (Windows) allows other computer manufacturers to use Windows, while Apple (Mac) saves Mac OS X for its Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini.

Well, this exclusive yoke between Apple and Mac makes their prices quite high. If youhave good money, no problem, great, but if you’re on a budget… This exclusivity of Apple, makes the Mac OS equipment set the price at a high point, so we will not always be able to buy a Mac OS equipment if our budget is not as bulky as their prices.

However, the range of prices for Windows-compatible devices is wider. While buying an Apple computer can cost more than 1,000 euros, with  Windows devices you can find much lower prices. However, Windows 10 currently costs money, while Mac OS X, for Apple users, is sold free of charge. Even so, if you buy a Windows computer, normally, its operating system will also be included in the price and, of course, all subsequent upgrades.

If you are one of those restless people who would rather configure their computer to their image and likeness, it is better that you choose Windows. It’s more flexible in this regard, allowing you to do it according to your individual requirements and needs. Unlike Mac, where we’ll have to choose from configured models that are available in their stores. Also, when it’s time for updates and upgrades, you’ll probably need someone from their technical support.

If what matters is “what meets the eye”, and aesthetics is one of the most important points for you, one of the differences between Mac or Windows that instantly pop in your head and daze your eyes will be design. If that’s the case, then you’ll definitely opt for Mac. Its materials and finishing are the chicest thing the world of technology has ever seen.

Someone can always come to us with the idea that “the beauty is on the inside”, but from here we believe that the exterior is something that is also very important when choosing a piece of equipment. Just think that it can become part of your furniture and the interaction with it will be continuous. In addition, the features of Mac are similar and, on many occasions, superior to those of Windows, so if we have to choose, we will keep the most beautiful or the one that best matches our curtains.

Windows still dominates the market and is considered the operating system of choice. If you think about it, it’s the standard, and that’s another reason why you could opt for Windows.  It has dominated the market as king and lord for a long time and, de facto, it is the most used of the operating systems.   

In fact, the difference is abysmal: in December 2017, according to Net Market Share data, Windows was in the top of the list of most used with 88.51% of the market share. Very far behind would come the Mac with only 9.02%, and then the Linux with 2.12%.

What can this mean? Well, that companies and technology companies, in order to reach more audiences, will think about the different versions of the operating system with more sales. This explains why a multitude of applications, video games and articles are only available for Windows and not for Mac.

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