Remote Connection: Learn how to connect to your office computer

Sarah was a clueless girl, but this had never affected her working life. She worked with 5 other architects in a small office in New York, looking for projects and clients as a living. Many of these people were combining their work with jobs like waiting or teaching, but all this was about to change.

Because they were a young group of people, they still had not had great opportunities, but that day finally arrived. Paolo had found a man interested in reforming a well-known museum and through various contacts, they were going to compete for a life-changing project. They were all very excited and wanted everything to be perfect, but most of the teams of architects had been working on the project for months and they had only been working for one month. To top it all of, Sarah had just gone to London for a month and was the only one who could make a good presentation with all the building plans and write the presentation conference.

Everyone got the ball rolling, but Sarah needed to access her office computer, but she couldn’t because she was in London. She thought of taking the first available plane to return to New York, but decided to investigate other options on the internet that would allow her to access all her data from the computer of her house and office, without having to go there. What Sarah was looking for was a tool for remote connection between computers, what she needed was eHorus.

eHorus is a remote computer access management system that allows you to connect to your computers from anywhere in the world, with only an internet connection. You do not need to install anything on the computer from which you have decided to connect. For that reason, eHorus was perfect to fix her problem.

She asked Paolo to turn her computer on and to install eHorus, in four steps she had connected to the computer in her office and from London she would be able to access all the plans, documents and images necessary to do a good job. On the other hand she phoned Paquita, her roommate, and asked her exactly the same , she turned her computer on and installed the eHorus web agent. This way and as easy as it sounds, she accessed the personal computer of her house. Throughout the month she was teleworking, accessing without any problems to her house and office computer, finally she got what she wanted, which was to finish all her bits and pieces to present the project.

With eHorus you can connect to any of your computers. Imagine having remote connection to the computer in your home or office at the same time, wherever you are. Also, once you have the agent installed on the computer you want to access, you can access whenever you want without having to re-install it. In case you need to access at a specific time, but you do not want the computer to be available forever, you have the option to download Windows without installation or (Stand-Alone), this way when you finish using the computer and log off, there will be neither a trace of the program, nor the user. Sarah, Paolo and Paquita, will find eHorus very easy to use. They just follow four easy steps, register on the web, download the agent on the computer that they want to control, access the platform and use the computer they want.

remote connection

Being able to access remotely to any of your computers will give you much flexibility and tranquility, also once you start using it you will discover all the advantages it can offer. For example : visualization and file transfer, command lines and desks, among other utilities that you can discover when downloading eHorus.

There is a very important issue that might create questions. I suppose all this will have caught your attention and you will have many times in your life in which eHorus could bring you out of some mess. But how much does it cost? eHorus is free for up to 10 computers, with free support through the eHorus forums. This option is ideal if you are a student, a worker who wants to facilitate their work.

However if you make a living repairing computers, or if you are a great company that wants to give support on-line, or you are going to make demos with customers to sell a product, then what you need is the starter version (up to 25 computers), Startup (50 computers) or Enterprise (unlimited users), they all have professional support. There are very important discounts if you have an Enterprise license of Pandora FMS. You can check the prices on the website.

Oh, if you want to know how Sarah’s story ends, they finally received the project and the museum has now been reformed. Not only have they fulfilled their dream, they have discovered a new method with which they can work flexibly, combine their employment with others and have a work and life balance. eHorus changed their way of working and although they continue to go to the office they know that if one day they need to access their personal computer or the office, from a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer, they will be able to do so without any problem through remote connection, saving travel costs.

If you want to know more about eHorus I invite you to visit our website, and if you want to discover more stories and utilities of eHorus, you can visit the article Nuevos sistemas de gestión para empresas, in which we talked about the cloud, savings cost and simplicity of eHorus. On the other hand, if you are one of those people who want to find more about security, you can find this information on our website and our articles.

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