Staff rotation; Learn more about the problems that this may cause

Do you miss Carlos from Support and do you miss the donuts he used to bring to the office every morning? Do you feel like there are loads of new faces at work? This may be due to two reasons; either the company is growing so they are hiring new people and transferring people, or the staff rotation is at its peak.

If staff rotation is the answer then we are sorry to say that this is not good news. Frequent staff rotation usually means disadvantages for any company, therefore this is something to avoid.

In this article we are going to find out some of the reasons why employees tend to fly away from a company and we will also go through some of the damages that this situation can create for a business. Shall we start?

Causes of frequent staff rotation

Self-criticism is a very useful quality of the human being. If your team is running away from the company, perhaps you are doing something wrong. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons.

Poor wages

Are you paying your employees the minimum wage? Do you actually think this is an awful lot of money? Do you reward your employees with candy? Don’t you think that you might be a bit stingy?

People still tend to work to earn money, and if you pay them poorly, then that’s probably the reason why they are running away from you to look for new horizons. You need to be careful, a good wage does not only mean increasing the wage a little bit, but it also has to be fair, a fair wage to reward the effort and abilities of the employee according to market prices.

Bad working environment

Do you find your co-workers chatting about you or are the walls of your office falling down every morning? Do you find lots of holes in the wall and cigarettes on the floor?

OK, this might be a little over the top, but some offices may seem like the worst place to work, and this can be quite annoying.

Few people are able to put up with the bad environment at work, so if this is your case, then be clear about it, or be ready to solve it, or you will end up being the only one there…

Poor work conditions

Do you remember that day when Carlos, (yep, that guy that used to bring donuts to the office), started to go crazy with his computer since it didn’t work properly? Yes, now you remember how you spent the next few hours trying to calm him down…

This is just an example; it can be due to the temperature of the office or the excessive noise, but also less environmental issues, such as the lack of adequate tools to work or schedules that are unreal or irrational. If the working conditions are not good, nobody will stay in your company for a long time. Yes, we mean it…

Your tasks might be unpleasant

There are certain jobs that are not nice or hard by nature, but that does not mean that you cannot take steps to make it a little more bearable. In addition to this, there are also job positions that should not be so annoying, but end up becoming a nightmare. Some factors, such as excessive pressure, can cause depression and the abandonment of employment. Be careful, this is actually quite serious…

Disadvantages of frequent staff rotation in a company

As we mentioned earlier, and although it may be refreshing to find new faces at work, when these replace familiar faces, we are faced with a situation that might bring multiple problems for the company. Let’s have a look at some.

Extra work

Personnel selection is an extra workload for whoever is in charge of it, and can be a real nuisance.

Do you really want your Human Resources department or yourself to spend half of your life doing selection processes? Not only this is rather boring, but it will also take your time, which you could be devoting to more productive tasks.

Extra expenses

Yes, the unhappiness of the workers before the staff rotation ends up costing money for the company. Either through a drop in performance –before the dismissal or leaving-, or through expenses in compensation or other issues, frequent staff rotation is bad news for the company when it comes to its economy.

Expenses in adaptation and training

When a person replaces another worker, for the new person it takes time to fully work, as he will need time to adapt to himself to the job and learn to use the right tools to carry it out.

This period of adaptation will imply a lower productivity during the first days or weeks, and this is also bad when it comes to the economy of the company.

Loss of knowledge

Carlos, from support, is amazing. He knows how to solve all the problems, he knows all the clients, and he is valuable for the company. And then there’s the donuts thing. The problem is that, the day he went mad because of the computer, Carlos left the office –as soon as he was able to breath smoothly again- he swore that he would never return. And he has kept his promise.

Although we don’t want the knowledge of the company to be gone with the staff rotation, it is not always easy to achieve this goal. Therefore, if people like Carlos run away, you will not only lose your favourite donuts, but you will also lose a valuable person …

And so far we have seen some of the causes and problems of staff rotation for a company.

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