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If you know the wild and busy world of computers, you will know that having remote access to your desktop from any computer is not only useful, but essential. In this way, certain files and system configurations can be kept visible and at hand, which would otherwise be impossible to keep close or in direct contact. The possibilities of remote access are on the rise in the professional sector. Developers, technologists, analysts…. a whole series of workers in the IT sector who are used to working on different projects together, need it. There are no other people like them. They require the possibilities of remote access to their computer, and also, of course, to know the best Teamviewer alternatives for this.

To access a computer remotely we need to have accurate and appropriate tools. Like Team viewer. Team viewer is the most consolidated remote management software on the market. However, this does not mean that it is the only one, since there are others that could be better adapted to your needs. Therefore, in order to make your “remote life” more pleasant, we are going to give you some of the best Teamviewer alternatives. There is nothing like having a few possibilities on the table to be able to choose from and to consider at the right time.

As we were saying, TeamViewer is one of the best-known and most consolidated tools on the market. But, as in any other occasion, it is advisable to be aware of some of the alternatives available.

The best alternatives to Team viewer

Mikogo Logo

1) Mikogo

Mikogo is one of the most complete applications, as far as remote desktop applications are concerned. The number of tools it offers is astonishing and, even if you have to pay for them, it is one of the most affordable applications regarding all the features it includes. Mikogo has a variety of security methods. Another of its strengths is the fact that it can be used from any operating system, since it is not necessary to install it. This increases its usability and gives you many mini-points for those who don’t want to cram their computer with more applications. It is also ideal for talks, conferences and meetings as project coordination is great.

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2) WebEx Free

WebEx is more focused on meetings or assemblies. Especially because this application allows remote communication to different operating systems, thus facilitating the coordination of many projects. Although the application has a free subscription, it is quite limited. You will have to access the premium subscription to be able to access all the features of the platform. At this point you can choose to share your screen or desktop, to manage your mouse or keyboard control, and also the possibility to transfer files or to create a chat for direct communication.

Among other features, you’ll also have the ability to get free apps for mobile devices and apps, record meetings, password-protected chat, video conferencing, and so on.

WebEx is a solution for all those who have problems with communication or are used to suffering with coordination in the professional environment. With WebEx it’s over, you can remotely access the computers of every member of a meeting quickly and easily. This platform is incredibly well adapted to the workplace.

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3) Ultra VNC

If you want a remote control tool highly recommended by users, we ask you to keep an eye on Ultra VNC. This application will allow us to work without any problem remotely with other computers and will do so with excellent synchronization. One of its greatest qualities is the fast transfer of documents. One of the essential requirements if what you are looking for in these devices is to get specific files stored in another computer.

Ultra VNC is very easy to access remotely from the desktop, and apart from the ability to transfer files at high speed, it has a host of settings that will make it easy for you, as a user, to tailor the application to your most demanding needs.

What is the best thing about Ultra VNC? Well, it turns out to be a free remote desktop application. It is also quite easy to set up.

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4) Ehorus

Ehorus is a remote management system for computers developed by Ártica ST, a Spanish software company founded in 2005 and which created Pandora FMS, one of the most powerful software tools for monitoring networks, servers and applications on the market, with customers and users across the five continents.

Ehorus is a cloud-based remote management system (SaaS). It is one of the best teamviewer alternatives because of its simplicity. You can get started by installing and running simple software on your computer. This software will connect to your servers allowing you to access them from any location.

You can connect to your home computer from the office, and access your desktop and all your files conveniently. It will always be secure, and without having to install any software on the computer from where you want to connect.

Imagine you need to solve the problem of a person who doesn’t have much computer knowledge and wants your help. If you have eHorus installed, only with a device with an Internet connection, and a few clicks and you will be inside his or her computer. Whether it’s a mobile phone, a tablet, a Mac or a Linux with KDE – even a touch TV! You can connect from anywhere.

It is also extremely affordable and flexible. You won’t have to renew licenses. You won’t have to keep track of how many users access your computers or pay in advance for a year. You’ll pay for the use of it.

In addition to remote computer support, eHorus can also be used to help with other tasks. Learn more about it here:

You can also send us any questions you may have about eHorus using the contact form at the following address:

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