Types of PC; Some Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing

So it’s your turn to buy a new PC, huh? Ha, ha, ha, ha, you don’t know what’s waiting for you!

Seriously, it’s not that hard either. The fact that there are something like 3 trillion different configurations available shouldn’t cause you any more stress.

What? You cried shaking in a corner of the room? Quiet! The eHorus blog is coming to your rescue. How about we take a look at some basics that you need to pay attention to before you see what types of PC you’ll have to choose from?

So relax, it is not a big deal…

Choosing a PC; some things to keep in mind before you start

Before deciding on one device or another, you’ll need to have a clear answer to one question: What are you going to use your PC for?

Are you going to use it to work with text editors? To browse the Internet? To enjoy the latest generation games? To watch the latest videos of the dancing parrot?

Be clear about this answer, if possible, be clear about it in the long term. Since today you may want to use the new device only to work but eventually you end up using it for other needs.

Think about it, because the type of use you’re going to give your computer will determine many things, such as the components that should form it. Since the requirements for a PC that is only going to be used to browse the Internet are not the same as those that run very heavy programs or videogames with an advanced graphic engine.

Are you clear on the answer yet? Then ask yourself a few more questions. How much money are you willing to spend? Do you prefer a laptop or desktop? Do you have a preference for a particular brand?

Do you think it’s too many questions? Back to the corner to cry? Come on, up! Let’s see some of the types of PC from which you will be able to choose classified according to the use that you are going to give it.

4 types of PC

-PC for office automation

You’re clear about that. You’re going to be good and use your computer only to work with 3 or 4 simple office products.

If this is your case (and you respect your promise), you probably don’t need a computer that has too many resources. You won’t need the most advanced microprocessor on the market, or a high capacity hard drive, or RAM that runs like lightning. All this usually brings good news: you probably won’t have to spend a lot of money.

However, you may need to take other considerations into account. For example, you might want a laptop, if you need mobility, or if your workspace requires a small computer. Or you may need a quiet computer if you’re going to work long hours with it and want to do it quietly.

-General purpose PC

You’ve succumbed to temptation and want your device to be able to do “a little bit of everything”. You want to edit text, browse the Internet, watch videos, and occasionally play games.

Is this your situation but you don’t want to spend a lot of money?

Since you’re in a position, say, “intermediate.” Your device isn’t going to need the most powerful or highest capacity components, but you are going to have to have enough quality to do all the things you want to do.

Take a look at how the market is. What are the requirements of the games you want to play? If you decide to store videos, what capacity would you need on your hard drive to store all the ones you’d like to have at hand? Answer yourself these kinds of questions, and remember to leave a margin, because the requirements of technology tend to grow over time, so it is likely that, if you go very fair, you will fall short shortly after acquiring your device.

And don’t forget to ask yourself some of the questions we asked ourselves before. For example, where are you going to use your device? Well, that…

-PC of work with professional software of high requirement

Do you use software of high requirement to carry out your work? Then you’ll need a computer that will allow you to run it smoothly.

In some professions it is necessary to use state-of-the-art software or software that requires great power, a very capable RAM or a large amount of hard disk. Is this your situation? Then don’t forget to investigate well the technical requirements of the programs you are going to use and, as in other occasions, leave yourself a good margin in case in the future you would have to use other more modern software that demands even more from your device.

In addition to all this, remember that there are even specific components designed for certain activities (for example, there are chips dedicated to graphic rendering), so you should investigate what possibilities the market offers you.

-PC for video games

Not only are you a fan of video games, but you also want to play the most powerful and advanced games the market has to offer? Well, you’re gonna have to scratch your pocket…

The technical requirements of recently released video games are often demanding and require a powerful machine to run satisfactorily. And if you’re one of those who spend hours and hours playing, you’ll have to keep in mind that keeping your device at full performance for a long time generates significant amounts of heat, so getting the device to have a good cooling system will be another aspect to consider.

And so far we have seen some things that will be good for you to take into account before buying your computer and 4 types of PC depending on the use you are going to give it. Want to see something else? How about taking a few minutes to meet our dear friend eHorus?

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