What is remote control of computers, find out for once!


It is still fresh that evening in your memory. You had finished eating, the dessert time going on and on as is usual in a good family reunion. You may have been out of touch with those people for a long time. Your cousins from the village, your second cousins from your parents village, great-uncles with great-nieces and nephews, girlfriend introductions and come news from Jane who continues to work abroad on her own business.

Your head was already hurting from getting up on a Sunday before noon to help your mother fix everything for the meal. “The garage must be pristine when your aunts arrive”, your dear mother dared to yell at you, while you were suffering from your horrible hangover. And she even raised her volume a little more when she saw your mildly reticent expression. “Did you hear me, mister!?”… “Of course I did, mimimimimi”, you said in your mind, mocking your mom’s voice. Sarcasm is the only thing you’ve got.

Throughout the unbearable soirée of the night before, you had suffered humiliation of receiving various projectiles that came from the renovated children’s table, in a corner next to the fridge. You had endured someone asking about your girlfriend – which you don’t have -, about your job -which you hate-, and about your future, which is practically inexistent. But the worst was yet to come. Your mother thought it was a good idea to casually say that you had some knowledge about computers! NOOO! With all it means and entails! “But–but… I just know how to download some games!,” you repeated yourself, overwhelmed.

In a few moments, the most knowledgeable brothers-in-law and the old people most in need of advice approached you like daddy long-legs. “Hey kiddo, could you help me with a little troubling thing I have in my computer?”. “I don’t know what’s going on with my PC, but, oh boy, it’s just not working”. “Like I said, I get a weird window and then, I just can’t move forward”. “I wish I had a nice family member who would show up and fix it in exchange for some pork rinds and some Coke”…

It was over, everything was over, you had been promoted without having asked for it, and now you were the “IT pal that fixes everything for free” of the family. Don’t forget to thank your mother, who is so proud to finally be able to boast about something that her child does well…

But how were you going to make it with all the deals that your most loyal and friendly family members were proposing you now? Even your distant relative overseas has asked you to go backpacking over there and help him install the security module pkcs#11 (which you still don’t have the slightest idea of what it is).

Well, I have god news (and no, it doesn’t involve getting rid of your family, which is illegal): You’ll discover what remote control is! Yes, remote computer management to be the best “Remote Computer Manager” (I’m sure you’ll be able to put that somewhere in your resume).

What is remote control of computers? Don’t you know? Remote control applications allow you to control a PC without being in front of it, which is more useful than it seems. In addition to helping your annoying family, it can also help you, for example, if you have forgotten a few files at home, want to consult a photo or simply turn off the PC you left on by mistake.

When you install remote access software on one device, you normally have to install it on the one you want to access from another. This will allow you to communicate and access it from other units and other places, remotely, through the use of the Internet, of course.

Normally these are cloud-based remote computer management systems. And as I said, to start using it, just install and run a simple software (agent) on the computer you want to manage from a distance. This agent will connect to some servers allowing you to connect to them from any place or any device, such as your mobile or your PC at home.

Many of these software for computer remote control are already prepared for a user who does not necessarily have much computer knowledge. This is ideal for learning how the tool works. With a few steps you will be able to see on your device the desktop of the computer you have accessed and from that moment on there will be nothing simpler than just running what you need.


-Hey, kiddo! I don’t remember how to open the Minesweeper!

-No problem, grandniece, I’ll open it for you, I have powers and I know how to control your computer from my own home computer.”

Normally, we will only have to access from his device to the agent of the computer we want to manage from the distance, deploy the desk that we will be able to see in those moments as well as our relative from their home, and follow the same steps that this hypothetical grandniece would have followed to find the Minesweeper, open it and win in difficult mode, if she had remembered how to do so after the forty times that her poor relative has explained it to her.

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