10 common work stress causes and some ideas to help you fight them

Work stress is a serious issue. Sometimes, it can even be a serious health problem. Bad stuff, right?

If you have a company, you will probably want to prevent your people from seeing themselves in this unpleasant environment. This is a phenomenon that can be caused by a number of factors, so you may want to get to know them if you want to tackle them before it’s too late.

In this article we’re going to discover some common causes of work stress, which can make working in your company a much more traumatic experience than you might think. Pay close attention and watch what’s going on around you!

10 work stress causes that you should avoid

– An excessive workload

It is the leading producer of stressed-out workers. An excessive workload can cause anxiety, nervousness and exhaustion, causing even such undesirable conditions as burn-out syndrome.

There may be different solutions to this problem, ranging from a better division of tasks to hiring extra staff to ease the workload. Whatever the solution you’re working on, don’t let your people get scorched from all the work!

– Job instability

Fear is one of the most powerful sources of stress, and when it comes to the workplace, fear of losing your job can be a permanent source of stress. But not only that, insufficient wages can also lead to high levels of stress, as they can mean significant problems in meeting basic personal and/or family expenses.

To fight the anxiety caused by these factors, ask yourself to what extent your company can assume higher wages or promote job stability. Maybe with a little effort you can make a big difference to your people.

– Excessive monotony

Human beings are not robots. For this reason, certain repetitive or unstimulated tasks can be an unbearable burden.

Although in some jobs it is not easy to achieve this, breaking this monotony and introducing factors that make the work more pleasant, varied and interesting can help prevent the feeling of boredom from appearing.

– Bad environment in the workplace

Problems such as mobbing (harassment at work), a bad workplace environment, or a simple lack of support or bad manners from management can cause a lot of stress on employees, turning every workday into an unpleasant experience.

Do you want to avoid these kinds of factors? Creating a pleasant atmosphere, promoting courtesy and, of course, nipping any kind of harassment at work is essential. For example, if you want to know more about how to get a better working environment, just go to this article.

– Too much responsibility

In some jobs, where there is a high level of responsibility, the very characteristics of the tasks to be performed will create inevitable stress.

Just think of jobs like a surgeon’s job or an airplane pilot. In these types of jobs, the need for very high concentration and enormous responsibility will be part of the activity itself, which will have to be taken into account when it comes to guaranteeing the appropriate breaks and providing relaxation routes that allow the release of excessive tension.

– Performing hazardous tasks

Similar to the above assumption, some tasks will involve a certain risk for physical integrity that can lead to high doses of stress.

For example, people who work at height, police officers, firefighters, etc. may suffer from anxiety generated by the characteristics of their work. To minimize this source of stress, strict compliance with occupational health and safety regulations will be essential.

– Poor environmental working conditions

If this happens in your business, you can’t tolerate it. Working in poor environmental conditions is not only often a violation of labour standards, it is also a constant source of anxiety and health problems.

Your workers do not have to work in unhealthy conditions, with a lot of noise, heat, cold or inadequate lighting. So if this happens in your company…. solve it!

– Problems for balancing work and family life (when it comes to work stress causes)

For many people, family comes first. And not being able to meet family and work obligations can be a major source of stress.

Imagine the situation (perhaps you don’t need to imagine it, because you’ve lived this experience) of those employees who have to leave their jobs to pick up their children from school, or those who have to take care of sick relatives.

Facilitating options for reconciliation, such as teleworking or flexible working hours, will reduce these stress factors and increase the value that workers place on their jobs.

– Difficulties when traveling

Sometimes, a very isolated or hard-to-reach workplace, or the unpleasantness of traffic in large cities, will make the experience of moving to the workplace a source of great anxiety.

In such situations, a more flexible working environment (such as proposals to facilitate family reconciliation) can contribute to a reduction in stress.

– Lack of stimuli (when it comes to work stress causes)

Sometimes, work stress will not come from the presence of factors that cause it, but from the absence of stimuli that make work a more satisfying experience.

And it’s not just about economic factors. Sometimes, the recognition of a job that has been well done or the prospects for job improvement will play a much greater motivating role than it seems.

Nice words about a job well done, an incentive programme or a career plan will be some of the ways to combat this type of gap.

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